“I am pinching myself since 2012. Working with Marcus Lemonis and all of our businesses in the Marcus Lemonis Fashion Group has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Being able to handpick which companies we can grow and mold together has been the focus and has proven to be successful. Always exciting and ever-growing,the ML Fashion Group announces new projects and launches nearly every month.”

- Stephanie Menkin,
President of ML Fashion Group

"When we were selected to be featured on The Profit, we didn’t know what to expect and had some major apprehension. As it turned out, we found Marcus to be an incredibly great businessman, smart, savvy and friendly.Tough, at times, too. Most of all, we were warmed by his appreciation of our close family business and our hard work. We wanted to grow our business and he has helped us do exactly that. We now have a successful partnership with Marcus and look forward to our future, working together." - Zoe Tsoukatos,
CEO of Zoe's Chocolate Co

“Put in the work, do the right thing and take advantage of the opportunity given. That simple. The best part is doing the right thing is always the right thing.”

- Giovanni Senafe,

VP Development for ML, LLC (Co-founder of Bentley’s Pet Stuff)

“Working with Marcus has changed my life.He has given me the opportunity to be part of something much bigger than myself, and provided me with the resources I need to succeed. Going on The Profit was a tipping point in my career.”

- Travis Lubinsky,

President of ML Creative

“The opportunities I have had since working with Marcus have changed my life for the better in so many ways, and my family and I are forever grateful. I think about the man I was when we first met, compared to the man I am today, and it makes me proud. Something I couldn’t say before I went on The Profit.”

- Brad Lubinksy,
COO of ML Creative

"I wake up every morning with gratitude for the opportunity that Marcus has given me to be part of his team with the ML Food Group. Each new partner and brand collaboration brings both challenges and opportunities; no two days are alike and I find myself continually learning and growing as a professional. I am fortunate to be surrounded by amazing colleagues, many of whom I have come to consider family. Our culture is one of delicious food, collaboration, hard work, and laughter. Our team is living testament that People really are the most important part of the 3 P’s!
Working for Marcus has been one of the highlights of my career.I am humbled by his unrivaled generosity, his intelligence, and his unwavering trust in me. I am proud to name him both boss and friend."

- Jen Byrd,

Director of Brand Development for ML Food Group

"We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to work with Marcus Lemonis. More than anything, he forces you to make changes your organization needs to make and gives you the resources to get it done. There is no micromanaging, but he's a reliable source to discuss ideas and a partner to make the tough decisions."

- Ramona, Michael and Taylore Woods,

“Marcus reignited my entrepreneurial flame and reminded me if your too scared to take on any risk you have already failed before giving yourself a chance to succeed. Precise is a completely different company. We have purchased and moved into a new facility and upgraded several key equipment. We have also doubled our staff and expanded our skill sets and capabilities to offer more products and services to our clients. The entire company is still and always will be evolving and learning to provide better customer service to our clients and every day becomes more stable with new customers and industries we service.We will continue to develop our strategic plan along with a true succession plan as no-one's name is above the logo, including my own.”

- Keith Lyden,

Owner Precise Graphix