Reinvent Horton

City Council and community members of Horton, Kansas have teamed up with Marcus Lemonis, entrepreneur and host of CNBC’s reality series The Profit, to make several renovations to their downtown business district in an effort to ignite much needed revitalization and economic development to the small town.

After Lemonis met with business owners, community members and city officials in January 2014, plans were put in place to develop the Reinvent Horton Committee, whose goal is to rebuild the downtown area of Horton, attract new business and give an economic boost to the community. For the past nine months the community has made a statement regarding their devotion, with members cleaning up the town by picking up trash, clearing brush, removing dilapidated structures and re-painting historical business properties. The committee is also developing plans to seek outside support for the town’s recovery from major metropolitan areas such as Kansas City and beyond.

Interested parties can mail donations for the revitalization plan to Reinvent Horton at 205 East 8th Street in Horton, Kansas 66439. A GoFundMe crowdfunding page has also been set up for the city of Horton at http://www.gofundme.com/fnxyag in an effort to gain support and garner national attention.

“After meeting with the members of the Reinvent Horton Committee, I was inspired by their commitment and determination to restructure their city. It was important to me to not only contribute by purchasing and rehabbing properties in an effort to promote to the restructuring of the city but also to help the town put the correct plans in motion to completely overhaul their downtown business area,” said Lemonis. “Small businesses are the core of America’s business structure and I see potential for the Horton community, and hope their growth will inspire other communities across the country.”


Reinvent Horton

Location: Horton, KS
Specialty: Community Project
Category: Building Restoration
Founded: 1886