Grafton Furniture

With a passion for furniture manufacturing since 1986 Steve Grafton Jr. has tapped into the furniture making for Residential, Commercial, and Marine industries as the principal of the second generation of the GRAFTON's legacy.

Grafton Furniture family over 3 generations has maintained a tradition of fine craftsmanship, using old world skills elsewhere forgotten, to produce custom furniture for elegant living. Grafton offers complete capabilities, executing design or tailoring product for customer requirements.

Grafton has been able to bring his passion for upholstered and cabinetry furniture to the next level on classical and contemporary interpretations for the most discerning clientele. Some people have asked where is Grafton after being for 21 years in the showroom arena since 1986 serving to the glamorous design community of South Florida!

Well, the year 2007 was the time to move the showroom operation back to the factory headquarters in Miami where GRAFTON FURNITURE has always been since the '60s. There, he has continue working for renowned designers and ultimate design firms, besides producing his own "in-stock collection of upholstery and cabinetry furniture".

Grafton Furniture

Location: Miami, FL
Specialty: Custom Furniture
Category: Products
Founded: 1964