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“There is a passion to ensure that small businesses feel supported & people in need have a meal.”

-Marcus Lemonis

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$1 Million To Small Businesses & Those Battling Food Insecurity

Eager to find a way to help those who are food insecure while at the same time supporting local restaurants across the country, Marcus Lemonis launched the “Plating Change” program in November of 2020 with a $1 million donation through the Lemon-AID Foundation.

Working together with Camping World, SRX, and some of Marcus’ closest celebrity friends, Americans across the country will have their own chance to support each other and their local restaurants by donating through “Plating Change”. Individual donations though “Plating Change” will go directly to World Central Kitchen’s “Restaurants for the People”—a program that addresses the growing hunger and economic crises by paying local restaurants to cook fresh meals for their neighbors in need.

Camping World will match all individual donations up to $500,000 reaching for a total goal of $1,000,000 dedicated to fighting food insecurity.

Join Us In Giving Back

A donation of just $10 supports a local restaurant and provides a nourishing meal to someone in need. All individual donations through the “Plating Change” program will be matched by Camping World up to $500,000. It’s your turn to help create change and battle food insecurity. Donate today by clicking below.

Donate to Plating Change


About Plating Change

The “Plating Change” program falls under The Lemon-Aid Foundation where Marcus pledged $50M to champion his charitable mission of supporting and investing in underserved communities and small businesses. These investments will be in the form of loans and equity investments and will be designed to have a measurable charitable impact on the communities and businesses being served by the foundation. The foundation also intends to make grants to other charitable organizations that share the same mission and goals. Lemonis intends to apply the same type of rigor that he applies in his own investments to the impact investing of the foundation.

5 Step “How To” Guide

Download the official “How To” guide below for detailed information on our mission and process. This document will walk you through each step of execution, providing helpful tips from collecting donations, training, community outreach and more!

Learn more and get involved today.

Download Here

Marcus Lemonis with Tamron Hall

Marcus joins the Tamron Hall show to discuss Plating Change and the fight against food insecurity across the country. Watch as they surprise No Limits Cafe with a special gift.

Plating Change at Sanguich of Miami

Marcus Lemonis and Alex Rodgriguez drop by Sanguich De Miami and help the popular small business battle food insecurity in their local community. See what happens when they step up to the plate and accept the Plating Change challenge.

Plating Change at Taquerias el Mexicano

Alex Rodriguez and Marcus Lemonis travel to the heart of Little Havana and stop by Taquerias el Mexicano to learn more about the tastiest Mexican food in Miami. See how they get involved to help battle food insecurity with Plating Change.

Mr. Catfish

Marcus Lemonis is joined by his friend Matthew McConaughey to discuss the fight against food insecurity across America. Watch as they chat with the owners of Mr. Catfish and surprise them with a gift from Plating Change.

Collin’s Seafood and Grill

Marcus Lemonis chats with the owner of Collin’s Seafood and Grill to discuss life after the pandemic. See how this small business is getting involved to feed their local community and battle food insecurity across the country with Plating Change. 

Eddie’s Chesapeake Bay Crab House

See what happens when the owners of Eddie’s Chesapeake Bay Crab House chat with Marcus Lemonis about the current economy of the restaurant business. Find out how they are getting involved with Plating Change to feed those in need in their hometown.

Emma’s Torch

Marcus Lemonis and Amy Schumer of Emma’s Torch in New York get together to discuss the state of her small business post-pandemic. See how Marcus and Emma work together with Plating Change to make a difference in her hometown while battling food insecurity along the way. 


The owners of Kismet join Marcus for a chat on his Instagram Live to discuss their restaurant operations post COVID. See how this small business steps up to the plate to battle food insecurity and help those in their local community with Plating Change. 

Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse and Bakery

See what happens when Marcus Lemonis and John Rich reach out to the owners of Marcy Jo’s to discuss the current state of their small business. Watch as they step up to the plate to join the fight with Plating Change in their local community. 

Taylor Grocery

See what happens when Marcus Lemonis and Brett Young are joined by the owners of Taylor Grocery in Oxford, Mississippi. See how this wonderful small business is joining the fight against food insecurity and helping those in need with Plating Change.

Deuki Hong - Sunday Family

Deuki Hong, chef of the Sunday Group in San Francisco, joins Marcus Lemonis. Watch as they discuss his culinary journey and his current small business. See how they are uniting with Plating Change to battle food insecurity in their local community.

Welty's Deli

For 15 years, Welty’s Deli has been serving some of the best comfort food in New Orleans. Watch as Marcus speaks with the owner of this fantastic small business and how they’re getting involved to fight food insecurity in their hometown with Plating Change.


Marcus Challenges Dave Portnoy To Join The Fight

Watch as Marcus Lemonis challenges Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports to help out the restaurant community in New York. See how they will work together to battle food insecurity with Plating Change.
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Basic Breakfast

See what happens when Marcus speaks with Jamie Johnson of Basic Breakfast in San Diego, California. See how this amazing small business joins the fight against food insecurity with Plating Change. 

Chef's Brigade

Learn all about Chef’s Brigade and see how this incredible organization is feeding first responders throughout the pandemic. See what happens when Marcus and Troy Bridges of Chef’s Brigade unite to discuss the battle of food insecurity in their neighborhood and their involvement with Plating Change.

Angelino's Trattoria

Marcus and his friend Kaley Cuoco speak to the owner of Angelino’s Trattoria in Los Angeles. Kaley describes how special this restaurant was to her and her family during her time filming The Big Bang Theory.

Zingerman’s Deli

Zingerman’s is a staple for anyone visiting or living in Ann Arbor. Maria Shriver and her sons tell Marcus all about their favorite spot and surprise owner Ari with a large order.

The New Deal

Marcus is joined by his friend Ashley Greene to surprise the owners of The New Deal, a family restaurant that was struggling through the shutdown from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Doe’s Eat Place

Doe’s Eat Place is a legacy business in the city of Little Rock, AR. Marcus and his friends, Mary Steenburgen & Ted Danson, surprise this long-time restaurant owner after months of tough times.


Bill Walton and his wife Lori have amazing things to say about Encontro in San Diego, CA. Marcus and the Waltons celebrate this community-driven business when they need it the most.


Marcus & Dax Shepard speak to the owner of Eveleigh, a restaurant that has been around for 10 years, but struggled during the pandemic when most restaurants were relying on takeout business.

Jerk Machine

Marcus speaks to the owners of Jerk Machine in Lauderhill, FL. He helps these small business owners during a tough time and places a big order to help them get back on their feet.

Lindsey’s Hospitality

The Lindseys have been in business since 1956. This classic BBQ restaurant won over the hearts of Mary Steenburgen & Ted Danson and many more over the years. They join Marcus in supporting this very special place.

Honey Hi

Mandy Moore joins Marcus in a conversation with the women behind Honey Hi, one of Mandy’s favorite restaurants. She notes that everything about this place just makes her “feel good.”