Wicked Good Cupcakes® began when mother-daughter team Tracey Noonan and Danielle Vilagie took cake-decorating classes as a way to spend quality time together. After posting their work online for friends and family, they found themselves being asked to create cupcakes for various events.

The demand for their product became so high that they opened their first retail location in Cohasset, Massachusetts in October of 2011.

As the reputation of their product grew, they found themselves getting hundreds of requests to ship their product across the country. However, they could not find a way to effectively ship cupcakes and have them arrive intact and fresh. That's when they came up for the idea of a cupcake in a jar. Filling jars with fresh baked layers of cake, frosting and filling, they were able to create a product that would stay fresh up to 10 days without refrigeration that could be easily shipped.

They've since opened a new retail location in Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA, and expanded their facility to handle all their online orders. 2014 Looks to be a promising year as this dynamic duo is looking to add several unique new product lines to their online offerings. French Macaroons as well as Wicked Good Cheesecakes in jars will be available to purchase online. To this day, each jar is still created from scratch with absolutely no mixes. Each jar is baked and hand packed into jars the day they are shipped. Tracey and Dani wouldn't have it any other way!

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